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Personal stylists in every
 corner of the U.S.

Where you live affects your style. The weather. The culture. The community. Based on these factors, we tap a team of stylists local to your region for the most up-to-date and relevant looks based on your area.

Tell us about yourself, and we’ll cover the rest.

Every stylist on the Trendsend team is trained in body type styling, curated outfit styling and bottom fit styling to personalize every order that comes our way. The more you chat with your stylists, the better they get to know your individual look.

Styled for body type.

Every woman’s body is beautiful. Styling based on individual body types reinforces this. Our stylists will work with you to determine the personal information needed to style your perfect box.

Curated outfits.

Stylists make decisions for you. When your box arrives, fully curated outfits that are up-to-date are ready to be worn. And, the less time it takes to get dressed, the more time you have to rock the outfit.

Location based.

All Trendsend customers will be paired with a local stylist so they can account for weather, seasonal changes, and location based trends to make your boxes feel even more personal.

Discover your new look.

It’s all about styling.

We’re here to help you feel good about your look. Whenever you need a refresh, a team of stylists is here to curate a style that feels new, yet just like you.

Unfortunately shoes are not available for Trendsend delivery, but don't miss our exclusive assortment selected to complement our Theme Boxes.