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Let's get

Fill out your style profile (it only takes 10 minutes) so we can learn about your taste, lifestyle, body type and budget.

Delivered to your door

You have 5 days to try on your 6-8 hand picked pieces. Every box includes a personalized note from one of our expert stylists on how to mix and match your pieces to create 2-3 full outfits.

Keep what you love!

Only pay for what you keep and return the rest with ease thanks to free shipping and returns (it’s on us!). 100 percent simplicity, zero pressure.

"I am a super busy full time working mom with 3 young kids - I have ZERO time to shop so Trendsend is perfect. I love most of the items I receive. I REALLY appreciate the free shipping & returns too!"

Kelly from Minnesota

A look inside the box

What's in the box? Our expert stylists hand pick 6-8 pieces including tops, bottoms and accessories Trendsend box with outfits stacked on top
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