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Share what you love and what you’re not into so we can deliver perfect picks for you.

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Get 2-3 outfits plus personalized advice on how to mix and match your looks.

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You have 5 days to decide and mail the rest back—or return at an Evereve store.

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Personally Picked

Each piece is selected by an expert Trendsend stylist based on your preferences.

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No shipping fees — just pick your faves and send back the rest.

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You decide how often you receive a Trendsend, your price range, and more.

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Stylists like Emma are experts in fit and fashion because every day they’re working in our stores helping women like you in person. That means they understand what fits best for each and every body type, and they know how each and every piece they select for you looks and feels. No robots or algorithms here.

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Here's what some of our happy customers have to say:
Cherie S

“My stylist goes out of her way to send me thoughtful notes, and is great about reading feedback and finding items that work for my body type. I also appreciate that she sends one or two items that are out of my comfort zone.”
Jayme W

“This is the first service I have used where the stylist actually listened to what I said. All of the items fit well and were appropriate for my body shape. I loved that there were full outfits.”
Lindsay N

“I had a great experience ordering my first Trendsend box. I loved everything in it and felt the stylist definitely paid to attention to my style profile. I will definitely be trying this again. Saved me so much time and effort.”
Deanna H

“I think I may love it all! I haven't even tried anything on yet, but it all looks like something I would wear and some things I would love to try! I love how my stylist gave me tips on where and how to wear each outfit!”

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