The Power of Powder Blue Denim

Date: June 8, 2024

A medium wash blue jean will never, ever go out of style, but it’s always fun to incorporate new shades of denim into your wardrobe, especially in the summertime. Does your favorite pair of dark wash denim feel heavy on the hottest, most humid days of summer? Why not pack them away for the season and swap them for an on-trend shade of powder blue instead?

A stack of powder blue denim outfits, showcasing the latest denim trends.

Powder blue is one our favorite denim trends for summer 2024 simply because of how seamlessly the palette fits into your existing wardrobe and the season itself. Powder blue feels light, bright and crisp on the hottest days of summer, like a glass of icy cold lemonade — or maybe a gin and tonic if that’s more your style. (Meet you for happy hour later?)

This summer, mimic the color of a sunny June sky with your wardrobe and try a pale blue, sun-bleached denim, from easygoing boyfriend jeans to chambray shirts to a sweet light blue tank to pair with a good book, a tan and a cold drink. It’s the easiest way to inject a little laid-back, breezy cool into your hot weather outfits.

A woman wearing a powder blue denim shirt and shorts, showcasing the latest denim trends.

What is powder blue denim?

If you hear “light wash denim” and instantly think “chambray,” you’re on the right track! The super soft and lightweight fabric is a mainstay in the warmer months for a reason. The denim wash can be more of a true light blue, a dustier shade with a touch of gray or something in between.

Powder blue denim differs from the traditional light wash in that it’s more of a true light baby blue shade versus a faded or washed-out denim color; it’s like pastel blue and light wash denim had a baby, landing right next to chambray on the denim color wheel.

What to wear with powder blue denim

At Trendsend, you’ll find the color popping up not just via jeans and shorts, but also on dresses, shirting and accessories. There’s really no summer outfit it doesn’t work with. Think of the shade like a simple light wash denim and don’t stress out trying to find the perfect color to match your top to your jeans or vice versa.

A woman wearing a powder blue denim outfit with a striped shirt, showcasing the latest denim trends.

If you’re familiar with the color wheel, look to the established contrasting colors for inspiration. Light blue is directly across from dark orange and red on the wheel, so those contrasting colors will work beautifully together. Think a red cotton sweater and jeans or white sneakers with red accents alongside your baby blue jeans, or maybe a cropped red muscle tank and light denim shorts. We like it with bright white or creamy ecru for a casual chic look, whether that’s a white denim vest and jeans or a light chambray top and white shorts or denim.

Though traditional fashion rules used to advise against wearing head-to-toe denim, there’s no reason you can’t channel your inner Britney Spears with a full-on light powder blue outfit. We love a pale blue chambray tank or button-down shirt paired with jeans or shorts that are one shade darker or one shade lighter for contrast. To add interest, try incorporating bright, colorful accessories like a belt, shoes or a bag. (We also love a light blue sneaker, which is a fun, summery swap for your go-to black shoes.) See? Feeling blue can be a good thing!