Just say stripes! Our favorite trend for summer 2024

Date: June 15, 2024

Stripes are kind of our thing at Trendsend and Evereve. We love a nautical, sailor-style black or navy and white shirt, a sporty racerback dress, a striped sweater — basically, if it has stripes, it’s probably in our closet or on our wishlist, not to mention in your latest Trendsend box.

A woman wearing a brown and white striped shirt paired with denim shorts, ideal for casual summer fashion.

Why do we love them so much? The limit does not exist. Stripes are the definition of a classic wardrobe essential and can be styled so many different ways, depending on your personal preferences and the stripes themselves. Are they skinny stripes? Wide stripes? Contrasting color stripes? The possibilities are truly endless, and your Trendsend stylist knows exactly how to make them work for you.

How to wear stripes

Stripes have always been a mainstay for us, but they’ve never been bigger than this summer. Stripes show up on dresses, cardigans, lightweight jackets, open-knit sweaters, shorts and everything in between.

It’s a myth that stripes widen your silhouette or emphasize things you’d rather minimize. It’s all about the type of stripe you choose, and your Trendsend stylist can help you hone in on the stripe that makes you look and feel your best. For some body types, a thicker, wider stripe pattern is more flattering, while others prefer a skinnier, subtler stripe. Horizontal stripes are the more classic style, but a vertical stripe can trick the eye into thinking you’re taller than you are, so consider a vertical striped button-down shirt with shorts or tucked into high-waisted pants to visually lengthen your silhouette.

A woman wearing a navy and white striped shirt dress, showcasing the latest summer fashion trends for 2024.

What to wear with stripes

You can create any style vibe you want with stripes — hence why we’re so obsessed!

For a bright, cheerful Nancy Meyers heroine vibe, pair a classic navy and white striped top with white pants and sandals, plus a baseball cap and tote bag. (A jean jacket looks great here too.) Add a little French je ne sais quoi to your look with a white and black striped bateau neck top and red lipstick. A relaxed T-shirt dress and sneakers feels effortlessly cool, while a fitted stripe tank dress can take you from work to the weekend with just a few styling swaps.

A woman lounging in a chair wearing a black and white striped shirt dress, paired with sneakers and holding a baseball cap, perfect for a relaxed summer day.

Denim shorts are a natural fit with a striped shirt; it’s the kind of outfit you probably wore as a kid and still feel great in today. (Our fave style? The Kut from the Kloth Jane Short, of course.) Style your stripes and shorts with a hat, sneakers and cross-body bag for a day of errands and adventures.

If you typically don’t wear a ton of color but want to step out of your neutrals comfort zone, consider adding in a subtle pop of color via a striped shirt with pink or yellow stripes instead of the usual navy or black.

A woman sitting by the beach wearing a sleeveless striped shirt with red and beige stripes, paired with denim shorts, perfect for a casual summer day.

How to mix stripes with prints

Think out of the styling box and mix and match your stripes with different prints and patterns this season. Yes, they shine when paired with more basic pieces, but they also look great with prints — especially florals! To make the look work, stick to a similar color palette; if you’re wearing a black and white striped top, look for a floral skirt with a black base and colorful flowers, for example.

Color can add more visual interest to your stripe-centric outfits too. Instead of the classic black-and-white striped shirt, try a colorful version with your jeans or cutoffs. Match your kids by wearing a striped tank in similar colors. Take your love of stripes one step further with striped swimwear.

No matter how you wear them, stripes make every look feel instantly more chic and summery.