How to Style Wide Leg Jeans

Date: March 1, 2024

Denim trends are always changing, and though they do tend to stick around a little longer in the fashion cycle than TikTok aesthetics or seasonal trends, it sometimes feels like one day you’re wearing skinny jeans 24/7 and the next, it’s all about straight legs, flares, or wide legs. Straight leg jeans began their domination with the return of ‘90s-style “Mom jeans,” and now wider legs are trending once again. And guess what? They’re better than ever! Trust us, coming up with a great wide leg jeans outfit that you feel good in doesn’t have to be intimidating; there are tons of options to make it easy and fun.

A woman with short blonde hair wearing an outfit consisting of a striped top and wide-leg jeans sits casually on a wooden table. This wide leg jeans outfit exemplifies casual yet stylish dressing.

The journey to a great-fitting pair of jeans starts with your Trendsend stylist. All stylists are thoroughly trained in all things denim, so you can feel confident knowing that each style has been expertly selected just for you. If you’re shopping at an Evereve store IRL, you’ll get the same customized service to help you find the dream pair.

If you’re ready to give your trusty skinnies and straight legs a break in favor of wider silhouettes, here’s everything you need to know about how to style wide leg jeans and how to create the best wide leg jeans outfit.

How to Style Wide Leg Jeans by Body Type

If you’re petite: Avoid getting swallowed up by your denim and stick to a slightly slimmer leg and cropped or raw hem style. Keep your tops fitted and/or cropped and add height with a low-heeled shoe.

If you’re tall: Go as wide as you want! Tall body types can pull off a super wide pant. Try a full-length or cropped style, then pair with a blousy, flowing top or a sleek, structured blazer.

If you’re curvy: Wide leg jeans look great on curvy body types. Experiment with different widths, lengths, and rises to find your perfect fit. Enhance your shape with a high rise and belt to show off the hourglass.

Nailing proportions are essential with a wide leg jean, especially if you’re experimenting with a super wide leg or a barrel jean. A cropped, boxy top or sweater works well with a high-waisted jean and helps extend the long line from your foot to the waistband of the jeans, drawing the eye upwards instead of cutting it off at the hip. If your pants have an extra wide leg, stick to fitted tops to keep things balanced.

How to Layer with Wide Leg Jeans

Your perfect wide leg jeans outfit probably requires a bit of layering to make it your own. For a day at the office, a fitted top plus a slightly oversized jacket that hits right at the hip, no lower, is casual and cool, whether you wear it with sneakers or boots.

A woman with curly hair wearing an outfit consisting of a beige vest over a black top and light blue jeans leans against a wooden table in an outdoor setting. She is accessorized with gold jewelry and is wearing beige sandals. This look features a wide leg jeans outfit perfect for a relaxed outdoor environment.

High-waisted wide leg jeans or wide leg trouser jeans look chic with a tucked-in shirt and jacket or sweater over the shoulders, plus a heel to really elongate the silhouette. For a tomboyish take on the look, wear your wide legs with a graphic T-shirt and a short-sleeved jacket or a hoodie.

Our stylists love to tuck in any top with a wide leg jean, in part to show off the jeans themselves and to avoid cutting you off or making the look feel “blocky.” You want your styling to flow seamlessly from top to bottom. For added visual interest, add a classic leather belt with a simple buckle.

Maybe wide leg jeans are already a staple in your wardrobe, or you’re finally ready to give them a spin this time around. Your Trendsend stylist is here to help, so if you have questions about how to style wide leg jeans or how to put together a cute wide leg jeans outfit, go straight to the pros — and then go strut your stuff.