A Basics Capsule Wardrobe Makes Getting Dressed So Much Easier

Date: April 15, 2024

Ask any fashion lover and they’ll tell you that if you have a solid lineup of great basics, you can do anything and everything with your wardrobe, even if you’re a maximalist.

A woman with wavy brown hair stands outdoors wearing an outfit consisting of a white sleeveless top and blue shorts. She is carrying a bright green woven bag with the text 'LE KEN' on it and is accessorized with gold jewelry and a smartwatch. This outfit showcases wardrobe staples, best basics, and is perfect for a capsule wardrobe.

Capsule wardrobes have been touted as an easy way to get dressed in the morning and take on your day without stressing about what to wear, but for those of us who have a closet full of clothes, it can feel super overwhelming to overhaul everything or get rid of special pieces that may not fit the formula. Instead of boxing yourself into a traditional capsule wardrobe, start with the basics: the simple, classic, goes-with-everything tops, dresses, jeans, and accessories that you can imagine wearing a million different ways.

Of course, we’re all on an eternal hunt for the perfect pair of jeans or the ultimate white T-shirt, but Trendsend has done some of the heavy lifting for you with our Basics Capsule, a curated capsule wardrobe box with tried and true essentials for building your dream wardrobe, all selected for you by your Trendsend stylist.

Below, learn more about what makes a great basic clothing item, what the best basics are, and how to create your own version of a capsule wardrobe.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

The Capsule Theme Box - A collage of various wardrobe staples and best basics, essential for a capsule wardrobe, including a straw hat, a white hoodie top, a white t-shirt with a sun graphic, a light blue shirt dress, light blue wide-leg jeans, a sleeveless red dress, a navy sleeveless top, a white and blue striped skirt, and a beige bracelet with beads.

A capsule wardrobe is exactly what it sounds like: a small, thoughtful curation of pieces that you can wear in a variety of different ways. It’s meant to be as versatile as possible, so depending on your personal style, your capsule wardrobe may include things like dark wash denim, a vintage-inspired graphic tee, a crewneck sweatshirt, cardigan sweater, an oxford shirt, and a little black dress, or straight leg jeans, a striped shirt, a black knit pencil skirt, and a colorful top. A capsule wardrobe gives you the ability to mix and match these easy pieces without overthinking it and can help you hone in on what you feel great in.

You can also build smaller capsules for specific moments in your life, like a maternity capsule wardrobe or a travel capsule wardrobe.

What are the Best Basics?

The best basics are the ones you’ll wear, easy as that. Don’t feel pressured to add a white shirt or trench coat to your wardrobe if you know you won’t wear it, despite what others may say.

Contrary to what you might see online, a great basic doesn’t have to be black, white, or gray. If you wear a lot of color or prints in your day-to-day life, those count as your basics! For some of us, that means a vintage-style band tee is a basic; it can be worn with trousers and skirts just as easily as it can with shorts or sweatpants. If pink is your signature color, then a pink sweater or T-shirt counts as your basic. Don’t feel like you have to play by the rules of Pinterest or Instagram here! This is your wardrobe.

Think of the best basics as wardrobe staples: a denim jacket you can wear today and in 30 years, a pair of jeans or pants that fit you perfectly and transcend the trends, a great coat, a skirt you can wear to work or on the weekend, a slouchy cardigan for cozy days. Find a high quality version of the items you know you’ll be wearing day in and day out, and treat them with the utmost care so they last. If you love it, buy it in multiples!

How to Create a Foundational Wardrobe

Here’s your challenge: sit down in front of your closet and make a list of the items you wear the most. Why do you choose these so often? What about them makes you feel good? Is it the color? The silhouette? The fabric? These are all important to note, as they’ll help you nail down the foundation of your look.

A woman with curly hair wearing a green sleeveless top and light blue jeans stands on a beach. She is carrying a black and white checkered bag over her shoulder and wearing tan sandals. Palm trees and mountains are visible in the background. This look features wardrobe staples, best basics, ideal for a capsule wardrobe.

Take jeans, for example: Some people prefer 100% cotton, no-stretch denim, while others like a little stretch for comfort. Are you an all-black everything kind of person or do you prefer lighter shades of cream and beige? Invest in the kind of basics that make you feel like the best version of yourself; for you, that may be black pants and a denim shirt, while your best friend may feel amazing in a printed dress and colorful sneakers. Do you like to layer, or do you prefer a one-and-done, pull-it-on-and-go look? All of these insights will be useful when shopping and styling.

Add a touch of novelty to keep things fresh, like colorful beaded necklaces and bracelets, a few bag styles you can rotate in and out, and easy accessories that reflect current trends, especially those that feel authentic to your personal style. Never underestimate the power of a statement bag or scarf!

Ready to start building your own perfect capsule wardrobe? Set the foundation with our Basics Capsule Box.