7 Reasons to Love a Denim Jacket

Date: June 1, 2024

The denim jacket — what more needs to be said? It’s one of the ultimate wardrobe workhorses, the kind of piece you see on every single “25 Pieces Every Woman Needs in Her Closet” listicle. This isn’t a coincidence! A well-fitting, classic denim jacket can go anywhere and everywhere you do, and you can wear it when you’re 17, 37, 57 and 77, it’s that versatile. There’s a reason Ralph Lauren and Levi’s built their brands around creating the best denim jacket and why it’s beyond iconic; if you find the right one, you will truly wear it forever.

Best denim jacket - A woman wearing a denim jacket, standing outside. The perfect example of how to style a classic jean jacket.

At Trendsend, the denim jacket is an absolute essential. There’s a silhouette for every body and personal style, and if the classic blue denim look doesn’t work for you, there’s no reason you can’t mix things up with a gray or black denim, a raw-edge hem or even a denim vest. Your Trendsend stylist will probably recommend a denim jacket as a layering and styling piece for a plethora of outfits that work all year long, no matter the occasion. If you don’t have one in your closet or haven’t worn a jean jacket since your teens, it’s time to revisit this enduring favorite.

Below, discover all the reasons we love a denim jacket, and how to make yours go the extra mile not just in your everyday wardrobe, but for special events too.

#1: It goes with everything.

Literally everything: a vintage-inspired concert tee, shorts and sandals. Joggers and sneakers. A sweater and boyfriend jeans. A striped sundress. A flowing, colorful summer maxi dress. The denim jacket works with all of these outfits and basically everything in between. You can throw it on atop any outfit and know you look pulled-together without trying too hard. A cute cropped version adds interest to a look and cinches in the waist. It’s the kind of layering piece that feels so effortless, you barely even have to think about it, so let it do the heavy lifting when you get dressed this season.

#2: There’s a silhouette for everyone.

Maybe you have one denim jacket you wear with anything and everything, it works that well. Maybe you have a few different styles, like a cropped version for pairing with high-waisted skirts and pants or an oversized, baggy version for a low-key vibe with your weekend wear. However you wear it, there’s a jean jacket (or two, or three!) to match your personal style, and the best denim jacket is the one that makes you feel like you, but better.

Best denim jacket - A woman wearing a denim jacket with white pants, standing outside. A versatile outfit showcasing the perfect jean jacket.

#3: It’s the ultimate travel buddy.

Wear it on the plane to stay warm when the cabin temperatures feel frigid. Toss it in your tote bag for a weekend away. Mix and match it with your favorite dresses, denim and accessories for a weeklong vacation to freshen up even the simplest of outfits. Our stylists often recommend taking a denim jacket along on trips and vacations because it’s such a multitasker.

#4: A colorful jean jacket makes wardrobe magic too!

While there will always be a place for a classic blue denim jacket in your closet and day-to-day wardrobe rotation, thinking outside the box can lead to a whole new world of looks. A white or ecru jacket often feels slightly more formal than your usual blue jacket, so it works well for workwear or even atop a patterned maxidress or sundress for an afternoon wedding or bridal or baby shower. If denim-on-denim looks aren’t your thing, consider keeping a white denim jacket on hand to pair with your favorite blue jeans instead; it also looks great with black or gray denim.

#5: It’s easy to customize.

OK, so the classic blue denim jacket isn’t really your style. What about a deep or washed black, a light gray or crisp white, a frayed hem for an edgy vibe or even a denim vest? To really make it yours, add pins, buttons or embroidery for a cheeky, personalized touch.

Best denim jacket - A woman wearing a denim jacket with a striped shirt, standing outside. Perfectly styled jean jacket for any occasion.

#6: It adds an unexpected edge to dressier looks.

Add a little California cool to dresses and more formal looks by casually tossing your denim jacket over the top. Yes, even a gown! Remember when Sharon Stone wore a Gap shirt on the red carpet? That’s the vibe we’re going for. Nothing looks cooler than a slightly oversized jean jacket worn with your most dressed-up pieces.

#7: It works year-round.

The denim jacket is the perfect third layer in every season; toss it on for chilly spring and fall mornings, grab it for a summer evening bonfire or morning dog walk, layer with it for winter dressing. In the winter, use it as a styling piece. Is there anything it can’t do?